Legendary Meta Title

“Be yourself…go out there”

An oasis of wild, unspoilt nature where the landscape blends with tradition:
this is Scorpion Bay, a legendary place in Baja California (Mexico).
A location not suitable for mass tourism as it is difficult to reach with visitors having to travel long sections of dirt roads in the heart of the desert. But these are obstacles that certainly fail to halt the surfers from all over the world who consider Baja dello Scorpione one of the top surfing destinations, thanks to the exceptional waves it offers them all year round.

In 1987, two Californian surfers, Mike Fisher and Rod Bradford, had the great idea of putting on the American market a number of T-shirts with designs portraying the colours and taste of a corner of paradise in the Mexican peninsula known and loved by surfers all over the world as Scorpion Bay.

Scorpion Bay was an instant hit with a brand image that shot from the hip: it presented itself as an energetic, unique, ingenious brand, characterised by a strong identity.

“Departamento de Surfismo”, “Que viva Mexico”, “No problema mañana”, “Cuida la stingada”, “Boardercross”, “Fabrica de Hielo”, “Cave art”, “Burn your maps when you get there”, “Rituals”, “Spanglish”, “Destreza y Tradicion”, “No bare feet”, “Home of the perfect right” 
are just some of the slogans that best express our identity: freedom and extreme wellness with no compromises and “peace of the senses”.
This is what we call “Legendary Feeling” and it is the mantra which continues to guide our thought today, even after 60 collections: a thought and an identity that are difficult to emulate!

The themes of our collections tell the story of the world that surrounds us and our clothing is the medium we use to describe our approach to life.
Our creations describe who we are, where we came from and our personality. None of this is fruit of coincidence. Instead it is based on our awareness of our identity and the determination to communicate it to others.
Therefore every little thing becomes important. The choice of a fabric. A design. The decor of the stores. How the clothes are displayed. How we speak and listen. Our ethics. Taste. The group. The people.
This is why buying a Scorpion Bay garment means not only owning a T-shirt but also a story and an approach to life seen as “freedom without pressure”.

Managing to create and convey this is an art: this art is our mission and our daily work.